8 Mar 2019

The Course

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- Introduction Lecture
- Morning Break
- Lecture + Exercises
- Lunch
- Lecture + Exercises
- Afternoon Break
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8th March, Schedule:
CPD - 7 hrs (verifiable)
£100 includes tea, coffee and buffet lunch 
A whole day packed with lectures and hands-on training on the SMOP software plus guided surgical practicals organised by the implant company.
Guided surgery is not a new concept and SMOP has been at the forefront of development with clinicians in mind. 

This course was designed to put the dentist and user in complete control. The learning objective is simple - to be able to place implants using computer planning. At the end you will have all the tools to plan your first case with support from leading implant companies.


About SMOP by SwissMeda

What is SMOP?

The SMOP planning community was created to let dentists and dental technicians plan implant cases using DVT or CT data and to produce precise drilling templates to help with implantation. All this, without requiring to make expensive investments or going through complex training.

The foundation of the community is the software developed by Swissmeda. Today more than 450 specialists are registered with the smop network. 
The software allows implantation teams to collaborate online via the Internet. The patient data are protected and encrypted with state-of-the-art technology.

The familiar and proven processes have been simplified and optimized in the smop system. The platform is highly flexible, adjusts to the requirements and varied knowledge levels of the users and integrates with existing devices such as scanners, drilling tables, 3D printers and milling machines used in the process. The software’s open architecture allows the use of pretty much any device


Learning objectives:

  • The development of guided surgery software and protocols

  • Accuracy of guided surgery and what are the limitations

  • Case selection and planning

  • Data acquisition and merging of CBCT, model scan on Smop

  • Restoratively driven implant positioning and digital waxup

  • How guided surgery will influence and change implant treatment

  • Surgical template design and fabrication

  • Surgical kit usage by Osstem with the OneGuide Kit


Proud to bring inspirational speakers with in depth knowledge of guided surgery software and surgical protocol development:

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Future Courses


Registration now for the upcoming guided surgery course in Birmingham on 8th March is available. Limited spaces.

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